Rabu, 09 Juli 2014


     Hellooooo.. My name in Nurul Aini. Every people that knows me called me Aini. September 29, 1992, arround 06.00 am i was born into this world. I am the fourth child of five siblings. My big brother named Akbar Ilham, Second brother named Rafi Bachtiar Adha, Third brother named Rahmat Alamsyah, I am Nurul Aini, and my young brother named Ahmad Yusuf Abdullah.

Currentely, i’m 22 years old. I studied at Universitas Gunadarma. I have been in the last year of my college. My father is an architecture and my mother was a Elementary School teacher. But now, my father is not working again since 2002. My big brother worked at stationery company. My second brother worked at PT.Scheineder Electric. My third brother is currently not working. And my young brother still studying in Intermediate School.

I have in the last year of my college. I’m very happy because i would end up this. Actually, first i want to be able to study at state University with majoring in Architecture like a my father. I want to be an interior disigner. I’m very interested in building an image with a pattern persepective. In fact i often imagine to design my room. But, now it’s a just dream. Right now i’am actually studying at the Faculty of Economics majoring in Management. But i’m grateful today to attend the University Gunadarma, because it must be fate that i live.

I love to have friend, i always treat my friend well. I can be friend with everyone as long as they can respect me, that’s simple. But if my friend disappointed me i would feel mad and sad at the same time. I feel confortable with them. And i have a boyfriend accompanied me since the last 5 years. He is named Chevie Agustian. Many say that me and him like a twins :D

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