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     Hellooooo.. My name in Nurul Aini. Every people that knows me called me Aini. September 29, 1992, arround 06.00 am i was born into this world. I am the fourth child of five siblings. My big brother named Akbar Ilham, Second brother named Rafi Bachtiar Adha, Third brother named Rahmat Alamsyah, I am Nurul Aini, and my young brother named Ahmad Yusuf Abdullah.

Currentely, i’m 22 years old. I studied at Universitas Gunadarma. I have been in the last year of my college. My father is an architecture and my mother was a Elementary School teacher. But now, my father is not working again since 2002. My big brother worked at stationery company. My second brother worked at PT.Scheineder Electric. My third brother is currently not working. And my young brother still studying in Intermediate School.

I have in the last year of my college. I’m very happy because i would end up this. Actually, first i want to be able to study at state University with majoring in Architecture like a my father. I want to be an interior disigner. I’m very interested in building an image with a pattern persepective. In fact i often imagine to design my room. But, now it’s a just dream. Right now i’am actually studying at the Faculty of Economics majoring in Management. But i’m grateful today to attend the University Gunadarma, because it must be fate that i live.

I love to have friend, i always treat my friend well. I can be friend with everyone as long as they can respect me, that’s simple. But if my friend disappointed me i would feel mad and sad at the same time. I feel confortable with them. And i have a boyfriend accompanied me since the last 5 years. He is named Chevie Agustian. Many say that me and him like a twins :D

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POST 2 - Modal Auxiliary

Milk Me Café is a café drink fresh milk with variant flavor, this café is located in the Jl. Buaran Jakarta Timur. For the price, this café cheapest than the others. You can buy 1 drink a milk me only Rp. 15.000. Milk me café also sells food such as french fries, spaghetti, fried rice, pudding, steak, etc.  For the price food start from Rp. 10.000 to Rp. 36.000. You can come to this café everyday. Because, this café open everyday. You must try it guys J

*Modal Auxiliries
Adalah kata yang ditempatkan sebelum main verb (kata kerja utama) untuk memodifikasi makna dari kata kerja utama tersebut.

Kata kerja bantu ini antara lain untuk mengekspresikan willingness (kemauan) atau ability (kemampuan), necessity (kebutuhan), dan posibility (kemungkinan).

Kata kerja bantu ini antara lain :

Can, Could, May, Might, Will, Would, shall, Should, Must & Ought to (Phrasal Modal Verb)  

POST 1 - Elliptical Structure

-       Explain Elliptical Structure
Adalah penggabungan dan penyederhanaan 2 (dua) kalimat (Syarat: [unsur sama], [tense dan predicate sama]).
-       And.. Too     =   S1 + P1 + O1 + (And) + S2 + Modal + Too
-       And so          =   S1 + P1 + O1 + (And) + So + Modal + S2
-       Either.. Or     =   Either + S1 + Or + S2 + P + O
-       Both.. And    =   Both + S1 + And + S2 + P + O
-       Both of         =   Both of + Object + P + O
Example (+) :
1.)    Vian was at home last night. His mom was at home.
Ø  Vian was at home, and His mom was to.
2.)    Mrs.Vini is really kind. Mrs.Vani is really kind.
Ø  Mrs.Vini is really kind, so is Mrs.Vani.
3.)    Tian like Indonesian horor movies. I like Indonesian horor movies.
Ø  Tian like Indonesian horor movies, and Neither do I.

-       And.. Not either =   S1 + P1 + O1 + (And) + S2 + Modal + Not Either
-       And Neither       =   S1 + P1 + O1 + (And) + Neither + Modal – S2
Example (-) :
1.)    Vini didn’t study last night, and Neither did I
Ø  Vini didn’t study last night, I didn’t study last night
2.)    She isn’t married yet, i’m not married yet.
Ø  She isn’t married yet, and Neither am I.
3.)    Joko can’t speak English, I can’t speak English.

Ø  Joko can’t speak English, and I can’t Either.

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Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Tell about Verb as Complemnet
·           Verb Followed by Infinitive)
Verbs as complement (Infinitive) adalah suatu verbal yang terdiri dari particle to dan bentuk dari verb (Bare Infinitive) dimana dapat berfungsi sebagai Noun, Adjective, atau Adverb.
Example   : - He asked me to call you.
                   - The Teacher advised him to study harder.
                   - They begin to love each other.

·           Verb Followed by Gerund
Verbs as Complement (Gerund) adalah suatu kata yang dibentuk dari verb (Kata Kerja) dengan ditambahkan suffix (akhiran)-ing dan berfungsi sebagai Noun (Kata Benda).
Example   : - I hate studying with him.
                               - The student has finished studying.
                               - We heard her singing the song.

·           Verb + Preposition Followed by Gerund
Apabila Verb + Preposition, maka kata kerja harus dalam bentuk Gerund (Verb+ing).
Example   : - I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon.
                               - Tian gave up smoking because of his doctor’s advice.
                               - Aini is thinking of going to Lombok in November.

·           Adjective + Preposition Followed by Gerund
Adjective + Preposition hampir memiliki yang sama dengan Verb + Preposition, yaitu kata kerja harus dalam bentuk Gerund (Verb+ing).
Example   : - We are interested in reading this book.
                               - I am tired of doing the work again.
                               - Zian is Intent of finishing school next year.

Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2

Perbedaan Simple Past & Present Perfect
·      Simple Past Tense is a simple form of the verb to indicate that an event occreud in the past.
Example     : - Tian and I went to the Dufan five months ago.
                     - The party started at 11.00 a.m.
·      Simple Perfect Tense is a verb form used to express an action or situation that has started in the past and has been completed at a specific time point in the past or still continues up to now.
Example     : - She has called you seven times.
  - I’ve read this book.

Perfect Verb Agreement
·      Verb Agreement is between the verb must be in agreement.
Example     : - Vian had gone before Aini arrived.
                     - My mother will go to Bali tomorrow.

Pronoun (Possessive Adjective and Possessive Pronoun)
·      Possessive Adjective is determiner (Special Adjective) is used to denote possession (Possession) of the noun.
Example     : - My house is the smallest one.
                     - Today is your day.
·      Possessive Noun is a pronoun that shows ownership of an object.
Example     : - Mine is the smallest one.
                     - Today is yours.

Collective Noun
·      Collective Noun is a noun that is used to represent a group name or group (Consisting of ever one member).
Example     : - These group are reading seriously their book to prepare their exam.
                     - This group is reading seriously its bok to prepare its exam.